Effective March 1, 2019, The Plumbers, Pipe Fitters & MES Local Union No. 392 Health & Welfare Trustees contracted with HearUSA to be an exclusive network provider of hearing aids for Class A Active Employees and Class C Pre-Medicare Retirees.  HearUSA has a national network of more than 4,800 providers, including HearUSA stores and accredited audiologists.  HearUSA provides guaranteed discounted pricing on all hearing aids for covered participants and dependents.  

The Plan will pay a maximum benefit of $2,500 per ear once every 36 months for hearing aids if purchased through the HearUSA network.  If you choose to go to an out of network hearing aid provider, the maximum benefit payable under the Plan is $1,500 per ear once every 36 months.  

The Hearing Aid Benefit is subject to calendar year deductible and out-of-pocket maximum per calendar year.

HearUSA will also provide a discount program available to Active Employees, Pre-Medicare Retirees and Post-Medicare Retirees.  


 You must call HearUSA at 1-800-442-8231 to schedule your appointment.

For more information on the HearUSA Benefit Program  CLICK HERE

For more information on the HearUSA Discount Program  CLICK HERE